Foundation Year – Overview

Foundation Year is officially over, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a look back at it and the marks I’ve achieved in each of its modules.

Semester 1

Module Assessment My Mark My Final Mark
Core Skills Portfolio of Evidence of Learning 76/100 76% (A)
Foundation Mathematics In-Class Tests 40/60 72% (A)
Assignment 32/40
Foundation Gaming Technology Project Plan 23/30 91% (A)
Completed Game 68/70

Semester 2

Module Assessment My Mark My Final Mark
Foundation Audio Technology Coursework 57/70 79% (A)
Exam 22/30
Fundamentals of Computing Four Programming Exercises 36/50 81% (A)
One Programming Exercise 45/50
Games Development Essentials In-Class Tests 98/100 98% (A)

Overall, I think I did fairly well.