Simulation in Games: Week 8

As all the relevant physics topics have been covered, all the posts from here on out will focus solely on Spellcaster Academy. In today’s post, we will take a closer look at the inner workings of the enemies!


Both enemy types in Spellcaster Academy make use of a custom Enemy class. This class fully controls enemy behaviour.

Follow player
  • After the player enters an enemy’s awareness radius, the enemy will face in the player’s direction and begin following him after a set amount of time.
Attack player
  • Once close enough to the player, the enemy will attack.
Enemy aggro behaviour
  • If the player attacks an enemy outside of the enemy’s awareness radius, the enemy will become aware of the player anyway and will chase him for a while.


Spiders are the weaker, but faster of the two enemies in Spellcaster Academy.

  • Hitpoints: 2
  • Damage Output: 15
  • Speed: 10


Goblins are a lot slower than a spider, but their shield affords them extra protection, as it can deflect projectiles.

  • Hitpoints: 3
  • Damage Output: 25
  • Speed: 3

More updates due next week! See you then.

Written on March 24, 2018 | Tagged: Simulation in Games

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