Simulation in Games: Week 9

This week’s Spellcaster Academy progress update is all about player statistics and the HUD! Oh, and skyboxes. Can’t forget those.

Player Stats and the Heads-up Display

Heads up display

As you can see in the above screenshot, I’ve been working on the implementation of player health and mana - both functionally and visually. Whenever the fireball spell is cast, a portion of the player’s mana is depleted. This portion is equal to the player’s distance from the spell target (i.e. the enemy/wall).

As for the health, this is depleted whenever the player is attacked by an enemy. However, the player needs to be careful where he shoot his fireballs, as he can be harmed by his own magic! This can be done by a fireball reflected off a wall or Goblin shield.

Mana replenishes itself slowly over time. However, health does not. Not to worry though! The senior wizards are not without mercy and will aid the player in their time of need. More on that next week!

Dynamic Skyboxes

I found these very cool skyboxes in the Unity Asset Store, so I thought I would liven the game up with them. I also wrote a custom script that slowly rotates a scene’s skybox and changes its material on awake based on the current system time. Overall, I am fairly pleased with the result.

Thanks for reading! See you next week.

Written on March 31, 2018 | Tagged: Simulation in Games

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