Simulation in Games: Week 11

I’m back from my Easter vacation with some more updates – this time, it’s all about menus and screens. Read on!

To create these, I used and modified the Cartoon UI Jungle Pack from the Unity Asset Store.

Main menu

The main menu is fairly simple. It features the game’s logo, play and quit buttons, and a lot of floating towers in the background.

Objective Screen

Objective screen

On this screen the headmaster of the academy will explain your mission for the level.

Pause Menu

Pause menu

The pause menu can be brought up by pressing the “Escape” or “P” key. The level can be resumed, restarted or exited from here.

Game Over Screen

Game Over screen

Regardless of your failure or success in the mission, you will see a variation of the game over screen. This displays your final stats at the end of the level (or after the player’s death).

I’ve also fixed quite a few bugs and polished the game up in a lot of little ways, but nothing major to show off. However, tune in next week, where I will tell you how my presentation on Spellcaster Academy went! Thanks for reading and see ya then!

Written on April 28, 2018 | Tagged: Simulation in Games

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