Mobile Technology: Week 5

Castle Climber Week 5 Shop

Time for another update post! This week I focused on implementing saving functionality as well as the options and shop menus. Full details below!

Features implemented

  • Saving! Finally, progress in the game is no longer lost after a play session. I used Unity’s PlayerPrefs to store data as I didn’t feel like the game needed a more comprehensive system. There isn’t really that much to save other than the player’s coins, reached level and earned skins.
Castle Climber Week 5 Options
  • Options menu! Featuring such classics as “Reset Game Data” and the “Credits”. Some of the options are still greyed out as they are a work in progress. The “Reset” option was my main focus as I needed a way to get back to the game’s default state for testing purposes.
  • The Shop! Players can spend their hard-earned coins in the shop on new skins for the climbing knight (see GIF above). I just added one skin for now, which is based on one of my favourite video game characters. :)
  • I changed the coin counter icon into a dollar sign, as I didn’t think it was very clear that it’s “currency”.

Features to add over the next week

  • Because we’re going to be playtesting each other’s games in the practical session for the module this week, I will spend it implementing feedback from the playtesting sessions. However, I’d also like to…
    • Add music and SFX. Hopefully I can find or create some audio that will mesh well with the game’s art style.
    • Improve the procedural generation. I’ll do this by introducing a bigger variety of pieces and making sure the tower is not full of stretches of non-hazardous pieces.

Tune in next week for more updates. See ya then!

Written on February 24, 2020 | Tagged: Mobile Technology in Computer Games