Mobile Technology: Week 6

Castle Climber Week 6

More updates! This week’s playtest session yielded some great feedback which I spent the rest of the week implementing.

Features implemented

  • Added a new feature - before, the player was always forced to switch sides upon releasing their fingerhold. This would result in a guaranteed death if there were spikes on the other side. Now, the player can choose whether they want to switch sides or keep climbing by moving their finger into certain positions on the screen.
  • Added a tutorial to explain the “hold finger to stop” mechanic as well as the above feature. The tutorial is triggered when the player first encounters a hazard.
  • The archer enemy has an animation now which should better inform players about his attack pattern.
  • The player has a death animation where he is launched into the air and then plummets down towards his death. There’s also some screenshake when this happens!
  • Made the climber’s collider a bit smaller as being hit by the archer in the climber’s plume (helmet feather) felt unfair.
  • Made sure the spikes on the tower won’t appear anywhere near the background clouds, as some players thought they blend in with them too much.

Features to add over next week

  • There are still some bits of feedback left to implement, namely making the transition between levels a bit more clear. For this I will need to create a little animation of the climber walking to the next tower.
  • I still need to add music and SFX. I already have a few sound libraries in mind, so watch this space!
  • Though I played a bit with the procedural generation, there are still some necessary tweaks I need to make.

I think the project is progressing fairly nicely so far. The playtest session really helped identify some of the game’s shortcomings. Anyway, thank you for reading and see you next week!

Written on March 2, 2020 | Tagged: Mobile Technology in Computer Games