Mobile Technology: Week 8

Castle Climber Week 8 Wizards

Wizards, ads and bugs oh my! Another week of updates is here.

Features implemented

  • I added a few new pieces into the mix as promised. They are themed around wizards (see above). You may remember the fireball hazard I wrote about in my Week 3 post which suspiciously disappeared after that week. Well, I wasn’t happy with how the fireball worked so I took it out until I could re-implement it in a better way… The wizards are the way! There are two types of wizards, one of them works much like the archer except they are faster. The other throw a fireball down when the player gets close and then disappear. I didn’t want them to appear too early on so they will only appear after level 10.
Castle Climber Week 8 Ads
  • I thought the game was complete enough now for me to introduce advertisements into it. An advert is set to appear after every third playthrough is finished (game over/level complete). Ads can also be permanently turned off through the options menu. Ideally this should be hooked up to Google Play where the player could purchase the ad-free experience for a small fee, but for now no fee is required.
  • I forgot to make the audio setting save after being changed. That’s been fixed now. :)

Features to add over next week

  • Next week I will be focusing on fixing any bugs that I become aware of as well as implementing any feedback that I receive.
  • I will also be adding a few extra skins into the game for the player to purchase with earned coins.

That’s it for this week! Thank you for reading as always and see you next time.

Written on March 16, 2020 | Tagged: Mobile Technology in Computer Games