Mobile Technology: Week 9

Castle Climber Week 9

Update post number nine - special self-isolation edition! Just kidding… kind of. The stress of the current world situation has put me on edge and demotivated me quite a bit, but I have still managed to get some work done on Castle Climber that I’m happy to share. :)

Features implemented

  • I added some extra skins to the shop (see above). I also changed the background colour of the skin preview window in the shop to gray as certain bits of the new skins were blending in with the previously black background.
  • I added pitch variation to certain sound effects so that they don’t sound the same all the time.
  • The wizards were using the same sound effect as the archers. Well, no more! wizards now have their very own sound effect.
  • I realised that sound effects generated by the archers and wizards were playing even before the player could see them on the screen, so I fixed that. Now their sound effects will only play when they are in view.

Features to add over next week

  • For next week (and all subsequent weeks) I’d like to focus on bugfixing, general quality of life updates and polish across all areas of the game.
  • Even MORE skins… unless I run out of ideas.

Thank you for reading. Stay safe, wash your hands and I will see you in next week’s update.

Written on March 22, 2020 | Tagged: Mobile Technology in Computer Games