Mobile Technology: Week 10

Castle Climber Week 10 Coins

It’s time for one of my Castle Climber updates. This one is rather short as I’m shifting focus on my other assignments.

Features implemented

  • The amount of coins the player has earned is now shown on the level completion screen (see above).
Castle Climber Week 10 Shop
  • The skins in the shop are now animated! I think it livens up the shop menu a bit with them like this.
  • Fixed a bug where the ‘Fortesque’ skin’s animation speed was slightly faster than it should have been.

Features to add over next week

  • As I said in last week’s post, I’d like to focus on bugfixing, general quality of life updates and polish across all areas of the game.

As I said, it’s a short update. Most of them will likely be of a similar length… well, maybe a little bit longer! Either way, see you next week!

Written on March 30, 2020 | Tagged: Mobile Technology in Computer Games