Assignment: 'Sinner's Run'

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Platform Engine / Language Type Mark
Windows Unity (C#) Solo 96%

About Sinner's Run

Sinner’s Run is a procedurally generated infinite runner created for the Introduction to Computer Gaming module, first featured in My First Ever Game Showcase post. My submission was more of a demo version of my vision for the game, so I am releasing it as such!

This game was my first time implementing and experimenting with several features, such as:

  • Object pooling - All necessary objects are instantiated at the beginning of the game. More are spawned in if necessary.
  • Procedural generation - The map is created from several map pieces put together through a procedure. Elements of the map pieces are also variable, such as item/enemy spawns and various foreground/background graphics.
  • Unity Editor scripts - Created primarily to help with more easily modifying item/enemy spawners through the inspector.
  • Saving and loading data - Game data is stored into a serialisable class which is then saved into a binary file.



Sinner's Run screenshot Sinner's Run screenshot
Sinner's Run screenshot Sinner's Run screenshot


Written on July 22, 2018 | Tagged: Introduction to Computer Gaming, Projects