2-2-TANGO! – 'Sumo Digital Rising Star 2018' Entry

2-2-TANGO! screenshot


Platform Engine / Language Type Accolades
Windows Unity (C#) Solo Rated 2nd best in the UI & UX and Creativity categories!

About 2-2-TANGO

2-2-TANGO! is a versus game for two players. Take control of Blue or Red and become the master of the dance floor! What are you waiting for? GO-2-TANGO!

For the second part of the Rising Star Challenge, we (i.e. the entrants) were tasked with expanding upon the provided base project, which was a very simple versus game. As such, I chose to theme my game idea around that idea. The end result is reminiscent of Crash Bash’s Pogo Pandemonium minigame.

For more information about the game’s development, please check out the documentation available here.

UPDATE 04/02/2018:

As the deadline for submission’s been extended, I’ve managed to make the game presentation a bit more polished.



2-2-TANGO! screenshot 2-2-TANGO! screenshot
2-2-TANGO! screenshot

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