2-2-TANGO! – 'Sumo Digital Rising Star 2018' Entry

2-2-TANGO! screenshot


Platform Engine / Language Type Accolades
Windows Unity (C#) Solo Rated 2nd best in the UI & UX and Creativity categories!

About 2-2-TANGO

2-2-TANGO! is a versus game for two players. Take control of Blue or Red and become the master of the dance floor! What are you waiting for? GO-2-TANGO!

For the second part of the Rising Star Challenge, we (i.e. the entrants) were tasked with expanding upon the provided base project, which was a very simple versus game. As such, I chose to theme my game idea around that idea. The end result is reminiscent of Crash Bash’s Pogo Pandemonium minigame.

UPDATE 04/02/2018:

As the deadline for submission’s been extended, I’ve managed to make the game a bit more polished.



2-2-TANGO! screenshot 2-2-TANGO! screenshot
2-2-TANGO! screenshot
Written on January 28, 2018 | Tagged: Extracurricular Activities

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