COLLECT-A-TON X – 'Search For A Star X' Entry

COLLECT-A-TON X screenshot


Platform Engine / Language Type Accolades
Windows Unity (C#) Solo One To Watch Entry


COLLECT-A-TON X is a casual collectathon game where you have to collect jewels while avoiding an enemy. The game was expanding on a base project given to the Search For A Star contestants which implemented a procedurally generated world and pathfinding. The genre was chosen to build off of the pre-existing code and assets. Just like with my entry to Sumo Digital Rising Star last year, my primary focus was on implementing functional gameplay systems and the UI. The final product ended up being a bit too simple for my liking, as I was afraid of overscoping the project.



COLLECT-A-TON X screenshot COLLECT-A-TON X screenshot
COLLECT-A-TON X screenshot

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Written on January 26, 2020 | Tagged: Extracurricular Activities, Projects