A Grave Disturbance – 'Sumo Digital Rising Star 2019' Entry

A Grave Disturbane screenshot


Platform Engine / Language Type Accolades
Windows Unity (C#) Solo Finalist Entry

About A Grave Disturbance

A Grave Disturbance is a wave-based survival game, where you need to hold out for as long as you can. The game was expanding on a base project given to the contestants which implemented various features, such as shooting, health and ammunition pick-ups. The genre and theme was carefully chosen to build off of the pre-existing scripts. My primary focus was on implementing functional gameplay systems and UI.

The game was made for the Sumo Digital Rising Star 2019 competition, for which I was one of the finalists.



A Grave Disturbance screenshot A Grave Disturbance screenshot
A Grave Disturbance screenshot
Written on January 28, 2019 | Tagged: Extracurricular Activities, Portfolio

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