Assignment: 'Robotrooper: Simulation'

Robotrooper: Simulation screenshot


Platform Engine / Language Type Mark
Windows Unreal Engine (Blueprints Visual Scripting) Solo 90%

About Robotrooper: Simulation

The Game

Robotrooper: Simulation is a follow-up to my previous game, Robotrooper: Survival. It’s a first person puzzle game that revolves around the use of a shockwave gun.

I tried to keep some similar themes between the two games while also making the experience different enough to keep it fresh. You can read more about the game’s development process on my Systems Modelling Blog.

The Gun

Part of the module assignment that Robotrooper: Simulation was made for was also modelling a 3D gun using pre-existing schematics. I chose to recreate the Scattergun from Team Fortress 2. The gun was subsequently imported into the game, which you can read about here.


Note: The gun depicted on this page is not available in the downloadable game, as it was modelled using a student Maya license which does not permit redistribution of models created using it (or at least to the best of my knowledge).


Robotrooper: Simulation screenshot Robotrooper: Simulation screenshot
Robotrooper: Simulation screenshot Robotrooper: Simulation screenshot


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