My name is Milan and I am currently a student at Anglia Ruskin University. This blog serves as my digital logbook, documenting my studies, struggles, lessons learned, etc.

What I do

I’m a programmer primarily focused on implementing user interfaces and gameplay within video games. However, I have dabbled in other game dev disciplines as well, including quality assurance, art and design.

I have worked on several game projects as part of my university studies and as entries into game jams. In 2019, I was a finalist in the Sumo Digital Rising Star IX Programming Challenge. Later that year, I interned at NaturalMotion as a Software Engineer.

Want to see some of my best work? Check out my portfolio by clicking here!

What I do for fun

My PSN profile.

In my spare time, I like to play video games! Currently playing several titles on my PS4 alongside a couple of mobile games.

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