Year Two – Overview

Another year done, one more to go! Here’s how I did:

Semester 1

Module Assessment My Mark My Final Mark
Game Engine Technology: Systems Modelling Blog 29/30 92% (A)
Gun Model 27/30
Game 36/40
Software Design and Implementation Design Document 16/20 83% (A)
Game 36/40
Project Report 31/40

Semester 2

Module Assessment My Mark My Final Mark
Game Design and Development Vertical Slice - Game 30/40 81% (A)
Written Report 34/40
Team Evaluation 17/20
Interaction and Usability Component 1 15/15 86% (A)
Component 2 71/85
Object-Oriented Programming for Games Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
85/100 85% (A)

In addition to my marks, I earned a Bronze Volunteering Certificate for my roles as Course Rep and committee member of the Game Developers Society, I attended some awesome games events and was a finalist in the Sumo Digital Rising Star Programming Challenge. A pretty good year for me academically I’d say!